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Day 2: early perseverance.

I figured—even before I committed myself to write365—that it wouldnt take long for a hard day to roll along to inspire doubt as to whether I could do this challenge. Today was that day. I have spent most of it watching football, occasionally ducking away into Word to see if a handful of words wanted to come out of hiding.

In the end they did. Below is the very rough start to an idea I have had for a long time, a darkly comic and vaguely sexual one, one I know I have the ability and capacity to write. I dont particularly care for this: some parts sound forced (because they were), and by the time I sit down to truly focus on the story I will have edited this heavily. But the point of the challenge isnt to produce writing of publishable quality, and to expect to like each entry is wishful thinking—the point is to produce. So here you are:


Flippo Ogden walks out of the Tricities by night, his long feet swaddled in fresh cotton duck. At sunrise they look tarred, coldsoaked to the skin, the flesh julienned, and bright ribbons of blood pool at his heels when he rests. Flippo doesnt care. Flippo goes until he stuttersteps, the gnarled root of a haggard birch. It hews his thick toenails to mangled chips and he barks a desperate laughter that to his own ears sounds so. Didnt he do likewise to the trees. Hammurabic, she had said. You get your punishment when you show me your crimes. Tightened the leather cinch until it filleted his back into tender zippered ridges. The cloacal stench of elephant shit and hay. His shirt is filthy, the icterine sweatstains rimed with salt, and by the time he draws his Colt sixshooter and cocks it he’s sojourned so far into that old woods that no one save the dark switchblade birds perched above could you tell of his destruction.

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  1. 3 January 2011 at 9:49 am

    While I really don’t see what’s going on yet, I really love the flow of the words. It’s almost lyrical, and you are really strong in description in imagery, which is something I really want to improve in. I hope to see where this goes.

  2. Dan
    3 January 2011 at 10:36 am

    Glad to see you produced something even through a tough day. I know that I’ll be there soon enough, but I thank this support system that you, Nate, Pete, and I have. Nonetheless, you’ve always been a sort of master at the flowery prose. They really show off your knowledge of the English language and can sometimes paint a perfect scene. They seemed to do that in a sense to this story. Flippo seemed like a monster and I think your word choice helped that along.

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