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Day 5: outside perspective in re: the carnival idea.

I dont know how many men I killed. That aint a number a man ought should carry round in his pocket or nothing. Keep round the house or nothing, no. I reckon it would turn you real wild. Hard and mean. I known two men in my lifetime like that. One traveled for a circus stopped by in Blountville once and never again. Yonder at the open park. He was set down near the big ol tent reading from a hand-me-down copy of some tittybook and I asked the man where to was he heading, him and his circus friends I guess they were, and he eyeballed me over his tittybook and put it down and told me real flat to go scrape my asshole raw with a pinecone. Went right on back to reading. The other is Mose. If you was looking for someone to give a shit I can tell you right now it sure as hell wasnt him. He had eight or nine daughters I believe the courts finally tallied up and I went on and picked the dumbest of em to tie myself down to. I dont know rightly if he didnt like me because I married Garnie or divorced her. But I know he stalks round if he sees me out, his face gets real tight and dark like there was a stormcloud pissing on his forehead. I reckon he dont know nor care how many men he killed neither. I would hate it to be like Mose or the circus man either one.

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