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Day 11: dialogue opener.

This is a quick, simple opening for a story I have long had nestled in my mind, featuring the character I am perhaps most excited about writing one day, Georgie Dalton (who differs from the Georgie in an earlier post, I assure you (I just like the name)).


Valdez was comin, Georgie said, he was goin right on in. We was all just settin horseback and waitin. Ye see, we been with him so long nary a one of us remembered he was what he was—a spec out the way from Honduras or somewheres like it. Mexico. Doesnt matter a lot. Now we was dead in the middle of Georgia and didnt at the time put them things together in our heads, but it wont long afore we caught wind of our mishap. Ol Valdez, he come runnin he kicked the door off its hinges and we aint see it but heard bullets flyin bout the area, they were bouncing off what pots and pans there were. Horses got spooked and they were whinnyin, Rhea here the main culprit, and Valdez’s mare she took off into the brush. Here comes Valdez shoutin everthing he could in Spanish, ayúdame, ayúdame, fallin down over his own feet. Scamperin in the dirt. In the doorframe was this ol grayhair bitch settin there and takin aim again. Fuckin shotgun half sawed off and she aint really got nothin can be called aim, she’d shoot anythin stood even behind her.

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