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Day 19: courtesy of oneword.com.

The word is spider, courtesy of the daily prompt at www.oneword.com:


It was something he knew would frighten her badly, of course, and years later, recalling the memory fondly, he admitted that that was why he did it in the first place. He had hung from the ceiling fan, the shower-rod, over the bed, and in other locations he couldn’t remember until he walked into them himself, small fake spiders. They looked real, and had a way of moving with an acrobatic grace in the stale indoor breeze of the house that put the performance over. She had run into each and every one of them, successively, in accordance to her daily routine: a yelp as she awoke to the linen-thin arachnid suspended over her face, one that steamed the bathroom mirror from the shower as it nestled into her hair, a wet breaking down of composure, her face splitting into a tortured maw as she met one face-to-face from the living room’s fan. And she left, without saying a word to him or to anyone. Her clothes stayed in the chifforobe for months, despite his pleas for her return. She couldnt return, she said. It was too much. But he never told her they were fake, he said, smiling dimly.

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