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Day 21: voicework.

Mother says that when I start talking I never know when to stop. I suppose she’s right, but I get it from her. She made me join the debate team in school because she did because she wanted to thoroughly refute anything anyone said ever, and she does so quite well, I think. Me? No, not so much. I talk a lot but the teacher, Mr Pitts, says I never make sense, or, when I do, I dont know when to conclude “the damn thing.” His words, serious. A teacher swearing and it isnt even college. I like him—not like him like him, but he’s a good teacher. I wish I could conclude things or make sense or both at the same time, but then I think—why? Do I want to be as irritatingly know-it-all-like like my mother? I can say the grass is green and I would be wrong. It’d be a different shade of green. A blue sky isnt blue but azure or cerulean or another word she memorized from a thesaurus. I dont say my name around her, either—I’ve come to know it quite well, and I dont want to find out what it really is.

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