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Day 29: stream-of-consciousness poetry.

For class, based on this picture. Still in its rough stages. Best to ignore it.


1966 and he hadnt had a meal in a month four weeks
starved for thirty days this is the way we will handle
my god some god Le Van Than youre so young
jesus what are you twenty? my god we could use your
collarbones as a banister a handrail something of more
use than it is to you now couldnt we? dont think that
nurse wants to see you treat you bathe you clean you
she has to too or looking at you would be looking into
a mirror
for all you know Le Van Than for all you know
in this world her watch stopped working days ago that
one she keeps time of your pulse with she is right there
next to you look but you are not here nor there you are
nowhere unfound you are orphaned you are tidying your
rolodex scratching off friends family a rolling index of
grief loss you are not here this is not happening you are
not here
this isnt happening you are not here Le Van Than
not anymore no this is 1966 your lips are parched brown
your bones are dust or ash or something fine like sand yes
your bones grind in their joints sockets mortar and pestle
this is 1966 Le Van Than your hands are long callused things
you cant shit see the light of day sun you have had your last

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