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Day 30: ideas sustain man.

When the author pulls the trigger of the Colt he doesnt die, though—and dont be mistaken—the bullet travels into his head. The hair near his temple vaporizes and the flesh of his skull collapses. A thin haze of blood lingers by his ear. His eyes are closed tight. From his mouth blood spills across the desk with a series of heavy liquid concussions. An enormous yawning in his head where bone once was. Look closer. Come closer. Inside the gore in which skullsplinters and limp strips of skin rest in a perpetual anger—a high cordite smell burning in the air—you can see, if you look very closely, four men on horseback galloping across a plain, a persnickety old man in pursuit by car; a longfooted man watching an elephant bleed in damp hay; a parade of widows; a very small and silent boy walking a bear’s cub out of a woods tethered to a leash; a gentle Spanish priest shot against a church’s palisade because that is what mercy looks like; a young journalist growing old and haunted by that priest, staring out of his window in Pamplona in suspenders; a Jewish pugilist collecting his teeth off the mat and the thin clinking they make when he drops them in a glass. Yes, you can see that this man is alive and well with world enough and time, but time is so often an elusive mistress, more so than the muse.

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