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Day 1 (2).

The first month is dead. Long live the first month.

With January in the rear-view, thirty-one days of writing, it wouldnt be unadvisable to take a look back at it. The good news about write365 is that I have considered it an obligation, something that needs to be done every single day, no matter how much I dont feel like firing up the word processor and fiddling around with a handful of words. Should I ever become a pro at this writing gig, there certainly will be days that writing is at the bottom of the list. Pushing past that is an important lesson—so . . . there’s that.

The bad and the ugly—at least for January—is that I feel like I havent accomplished much. Far too many ripoff microstories that I conjured up half an hour before bedtime. I want to eradicate that practice and actively focus on a real story; even if I only write tiny bits and pieces of it on off-days, it’ll add up. That’s my goal for February: momentum.

That said, I’d like to congratulate the three gentlemen taking part in this with me: Nate, Dan, and Pete.

Nate’s been on a tear. He’s already finished a few short stories, things he wanted to get done, in fun serialized forms. I think he’s the early bird among the group—I cant see straight until noon, let alone write creatively on purpose—and his go-getter mentality is paying off. He has a lot of ideas, each of them different from the last, and it’s admirable to see him juggle so many pins at once.

Dan has been up-and-down like I have been, albeit with more ups than downs. He has polished off a short story, and has recently started building momentum. I think we’re going to see a lot of good material coming from his site. (Dan, I’ll gather some material from my Madrid trip for this—I wanted to save it for a novel idea, drawing inspiration from it, but I suppose there’s no real reason I couldnt hone it for the idea (whenever I get around to it, I mean)).

Pete—I’d say his output is surprising, but he’s a motivated guy, and he’s especially excited for this project. For his Big Idea, Roanoke, he has written 22,000 words, I believe. That’s incredible, and added to that total is all his other ideas. Holly Golightly wasnt a particularly pleasant—easy—read, but it was well done. Of the three of us, I think Pete has the most going right now. But the gap will close at length.

(Also: I plan on returning to commenting everyone’s stories. I need to make time for that again. You cant be a good writer if you arent a good reader, especially for good folks like these fellas here.)

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  1. Dan
    2 February 2011 at 11:50 am

    Great to see a reflection. Momentum is the key and I think we’re all hitting stride after month one. You said it best in that this have become a habit now and that’s a damn good thing. They say if you do something for 30 days then you just end up continuing it. Good luck this month.

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