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Day 4 (2).

Apologies this took so long. I have been taking care of the girl.


When the author looked at his writing prompt for the day — suicide — the writing prompts a recent inclusion to his schedule, necessary, he says, since his production had lulled since his first book, a thick tome about an Antarctic station in World War II — he thought immediately of his high school creative writing class. There were four girls always sat in a cabal, a witches’ coven, cloaked in dark accountrement, hair poorly dyed black, burnished fingernails flaking, their eyes made up to look downtrodden, gobs of mascara gathering at the outer-edges. Regardless the prompt, task, assignment, poetry or prose, their characters, as if in accordance to a great pact, killed themselves in astonishing numbers. Those divinely resurrected, he remembers, were resurrected for little purpose; inevitably, they’d find themselves swaying at the bottom of a rope whose sharp fraying bristles scraped the throats of the hanged. He was thinking, as he had done then, though perhaps to a slighter degree, that death doesn’t determine life. This was a mistake he had written into his novel, Long Nights on White Ice; the characters’ lives had meant so little that their deaths were less tragic, more a formality, like the lemming-like line of ill-fated boys and girls who were scribbled into the void of his high school writing class.

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