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Day 19 (2).

Remind me sometime to write the scene in which Flippo, our longfooted trick-shooting hatchet-thrower, he of moral ambiguity, takes under his wing very temporarily a do-good kid looking to win prizes along the row of carnival games, losing dollar after dollar until he’s down to his last few — at which point Flippo, not very friendly with the operators in the game booths, calls him over, tells him how to beat the odds, their little systems, those he has been watching for a long time. Then he makes the kid a mark: a giant chalk-dust handprint on the back of his shoulder, the sign among the carnival folk who’s an easy few bucks, and watches, amused, as the kid rakes in the prizes he had tried to get earlier. It’s a good scene, but it needs particulars: what games, names, who’s who, what relationships, the scenery, but the effect is good, I like it, and I’m quite tired, and goodnight.

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