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3: 1.

Because of entropy, I

know that nothing I ever do
is efficient enough: that every
meal I eat falls, in increments
small, large, to waste: that for
$3.29 per gallon, my car finds
use for 40 cents of each: that
the laws of thermodynamics
mean: the house always wins, that
you—you—cant get something
for nothing and to break even
is to defy the odds the world
has stacked in its favor:

ice will melt in your lemonade
because you cant stop the way
things work: cold molecules
disintegrate, disgregrate: this
poem is caught too in entropy
because what you see is a poor
distillation of a pure thought:

and since science says change
in phase, solid to liquid to gas,
is entropy,

death is also entropy, because
you wont get so much out of it
as you do from life.

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