Couple of things, folks:

This blog is here for simple reasons, good and honest and disarming:

First and foremost, the discussion and sharing of literature. What little I know of the craft I want to give to you. Book reviews and literary analyses for the texts I treasure most (in time, in time). The original ideas and characters and works I pore over for hours and days and weeks at a go, these I will pin up for your scrutiny and perusal. Such measures are instrumental in the growth of a writer.

A keepsake for globetrotting: for the better part of three weeks in May and June 2010, I lived and studied in Madrid, Spain. It was a profound experience and at length I would like to relive it in words here. Come June and July 2011 I will spend six weeks in Ireland writing, attending film festivals, and putting time in with the locals of Cork, Galway, and Dublin. It is my intention to document the trip.

The altar in whose shade I suffer: 1 January 2011 marks the beginning of a yearlong writing project, write365. This will be the cache for each day’s product.

Me? I am a twenty-something English major at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, nestled in the bosom of the Shenandoah Valley.

Please email andrewdugan [at] gmail.com.

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